Our Friends

The Urban Dater blog has been around for four years now. In that time it has evolved quite a bit and grown a modest, yet awesome readership. Thank you to all of those who support our blog! In the time we’ve been online we have met a number of great bloggers and discovered innovative dating services. The following is a small list of those bloggers, dating services and coaches that we’d like to mention and give a shout out to. If you’d like to be included on this list simply contact us and we can share some linkage to each other.

What Alex & Taylor are reading.

Dating Service Providers

  • the Dating Revolution – Enforcing dater honesty through member feedback and unique matching algorithms give Power to the Daters!
  • eFlirt Date Expert – The master and dating coach of online dating. She’ll help you put together the perfect online profile to snag the most attention.
  • My Blind Cupid – Getting to the heart of the mater; talk first, look later is their mantra.
  • How About We – A site all about dates – inventing dates, scrolling through dates, asking people out and going on the dates you really want to go on.
  • Sex Dating – What do YOU think this link is about? I’ll give you one guess and a hint. It has something to do with sex. (sponsored link)