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Let the Relationship Flow

Sadly, the art of courtship is sometimes replaced by instant sex or relationship. Some people believe that they should have sex by the third date and others think that they should be in a committed relationship by the third date....

/ June 10, 2013
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The Truth About Your Type

As I introduce myself as a Matchmaker to my peers while I'm out networking, I notice I have let open the floodgates for “what my type is” type of conversations. Like any craftsperson my craft is not free for the...

/ June 8, 2013

You’re Dating a 12 Year Old!

This might sound extremely creepy, but before you turn yourself in to the appropriate authorities, let me explain. Men are childish, stupid, and immature, because inside every well dressed, well spoken, and even the not so well dressed and plain...

/ May 31, 2013

Relationship Reality

My intentions with my ex were to come together and create something stronger than either one of us could be on our own. Thankfully, he recently provided me with a wake-up reality check. It wasn't the first message I had...

/ May 29, 2013