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A Not so Great Movie, a Quote and Love

While caught in the midst of the morning rush hour traffic and, for some reason, I'd thought of my friend's wedding a presided over last year, on Halloween, more appropriately titled “the Hallowedding.”

/ April 15, 2010

My Life as a Reverend Extraordinaire Busting Jokes and Marrying Folks…

I'm in a reflective mood. I got up today and I was perusing a new gallery of photos on a friend's facebook page for none other then my friend's Hallowedding. Let me just say, birthdays, burlesque and holy matrimony DO...

/ November 25, 2009

Wooing Women With Baby Powder? Ugh.

I waited at Ruby's for three hours tonight for Staff to arrive. Okay, well, I worked on some writing for two hours and then waited for Staff for the last. Still, three hours sounds so much better. He wanted Pinkberry...

/ November 11, 2009

Timing's the Thing.

There is a theory that exists that states that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new.  This leads many a person to move from relationship to rebound.

/ August 6, 2009

Is Sex the New "I Love You?"

It took me one night of drunken passion between friends (which should never really be told outside ‘the circle of trust'), to come to a harsh reality. “Phil, I think you're too mature for your own age.” Too mature!? Then...

/ June 5, 2009

The Three Dreaded Words.

I love you. Such simple words. Why, then are they so difficult to say? Many people wrestle with the decision to say them for some time. They wonder if it is the right time. Is it too soon? Will the...

/ March 13, 2009