In case you haven't read it elsewhere I'll do you a solid and repeat it here: Online Dating is fluid and is always changing. And the scene has shifted in a way that lends itself to instant gratification. You know the names, Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, etc. Look good, say a funny thing, get right-swiped and repeat. Polished profile photos win the day.

I had this conversation with a friend of mine this past weekend. You see we talked about how dating had changed—from the time she met the man who would go on to become her husband—when she was on and E-harmony. I explained the concept of Tinder to her, showed her some profiles. She paused and said, Oh. Ew. That seems so… transactional. She was right. Dating has become a very get to the point and do it quickly game. She looked at me her expression turned to one of sadness, and she followed that up with There's absolutely no way I would hack it in today's dating market. I'm so glad I got married.

I get it. Dating isn't necessarily harder, but I do think it's easier for people to dismiss one another based off of small tiny pieces of information or misconceptions. So what's a lost and lovelorn person to do?

Read em and weep

Do you like adventure? Do you like to travel? Of course, you do! You don't live under a rock. But I advise being creative. Again, you don't have much time to win someone over. Granted people are on these dating apps looking for someone who is cute. But after you pass the attractiveness test then the dater will want to see if you're witty/funny. Your bio is the next place people go.

Keep it interesting, don't write a novel. A good movie quote or a funny anecdote always helps as long as it helps you project your personality.

Putting your best face forward

You have a phone. You're probably adept at snapping a selfie or seven. A selfie is a good photo, but it takes more than just a photo to get attention.

With the above items noted, I should also tell you that you ignore the impact of a well-taken and expertly edited high-quality photo of yourself. Daters often take to editing their photos to help them stand out in a crowd. What's that? You're not a graphic designer or photoshop whiz? No problem! KromeStudio takes your good photos and makes them even better. How? At KromeStudio you get your designer who will take the photos you send them to make edits and tweaks. There's an iOS app currently for this very thing. A high-quality, polished, picture goes a long way in capturing the attention of left-swipe-happy daters. And that's all it takes, just one extra second to get someone to right-swipe you. A great photo will do that for you.

Cleaning up photos from standard phone cameras is something I'd recommend. Those photos don't always have the best light, even with as much as mobile camera tech improves year-to-year. Feast your eyes on these here:

Do I live in a cold mountain region? Is my other ride a goddamned pegasus? Maybe I can move dolphins with a mere thought! You can clean up your photos and Krome does it well, or you can have some fun with it, like I did with these photos. In a right-swipe world getting someone's attention is the key and I think each of these photos does just that. And, I'll tell you, in the last week I've had these photos up it has increased the number of people reaching out to me. A few more dudes than I expect, which is fine. More is more.

Final Thoughts

Having a profile that is tailored for the “right-swipe” dating world isn't super hard. People over think it. I do have a few ground rules:

  1. Avoid posting a pic with sunglasses, especially if it's your main photo.
  2. Take pictures of you doing something you enjoy doing.
  3. Keep selfies to a minimum
  4. Take a wide shot so people can see your fine-ass ass. Yep, people, care.
  5. Avoid bathroom selfies… Especially shirtless ones

Have fun; dating can be daunting, tune your expectations and just have fun with it.

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