Are you intrigued by a highly intellectual Aquarius man? Why wouldn’t you be? The Aquarius male is generally cocksure—he paves his own path and lives life fearlessly; they create excitement in whatever they do and they draw attention in every room they enter. They're soaked in magnetism, dripping in it really.

Here are some tips and hints that he may be interested in you so that you can move forward with him.

Increase in communication

Aquarius men are pretty straight forward when they are into someone. They will call you more often or text you. They like to have more contact than they did when they first met you.

They will also likely be flirtier with you. At some point, they’ll just out-and-out tell you what is on their mind as far as your relationship is concerned but at the beginning, they just reach out to you more.

They may also ask you to hang out more or go out to have some fun. Though it may not be a special date, it’s still a date. Try not to get hung up on semantics. If an Aquarius man wants to spend time, he’s interested.

Opening Up

An Aquarius typically guards their heart well and don’t like to open up to everyone. So if you find he’s telling you secrets or giving you bits and pieces of information that are very personal, he may be into you.

If he tells you about his upbringing, home life, and the type of life he’d like to have for himself; he more than likely likes you enough to want to explore possibilities of what you two can grow to be.

If he cooks for you, you’re really someone special to him. He doesn’t do that for just anyone. He saves it for someone he’s trying to impress. This is parting of him baring his soul to you.

Bedroom Eyes

If the Aquarius man you’re interested in starts to have many bedroom visits with you; you’ve got his attention. While the Aquarius man is hard to pin down, if they show you favoritism, they like you.

If they start to sleep over at your place or have you sleep over at their place, this is them sharing their very intimate side. This means that they are letting you into their world and sharing with you.

The Aquarius man may have many trysts, but typically he will not sleep over or have you sleep over unless he’s into getting know you more. So if you get to a point of frequency, you may just have him.

Romantic Gestures

The Aquarius man is typically very intellectual. If he sends you a long romantic text, voicemail, or even hand written letter; he may very well be into you. He does like to romance the person he wants to get closer to.

This is the type of man that will randomly send you flowers as well. If you receive gifts that are sweet or romantic; you may very well have his full attention. He’ll make it fairly obvious.

Aquarius men like to have alone time and freedom. So if they start sharing their personal free time with you, then you must be special to him. If he sacrifices time to get to know you, it’s because he wants more than friendship.

You’ll also notice that he pays attention to what you say. If you tell him you love sunflowers; that’s what type of flower he will get you in the future. He will remember because getting to know you fully is important to him.

Not Subtle

The Aquarius man will typically tell you that they like you. If they do not, you may find them talking about qualities you possess and how much they like those qualities as though to make sure you know he likes you.

This man will take the time to get to know you so that he can fully appreciate you for who you are. He will also want to fully get to know you to make sure you’re the right match for him.

Aquarius men are very romantic and will do whatever they can to romance you if they like you. They aren’t subtle when they are reaching out to you. They make it fairly obvious so that you aren’t in the dark.

Above all else; Aquarius men are blunt with their thoughts. If you want to know what they have on their mind; just ask. They will answer you and probably very honestly. Sometimes they have no filter so be careful what you ask!


Aquarius men like to be a bit of a mystery even if they are mostly straight forward. There are parts of them they will not share with you unless they are trying to win you over. If they like you; they will start to let small things out.

They will do this over time so that you can slowly get to know them better. If they rush into a relationship, it ruins the mystery, and at some point, you could find them back peddling and possibly pulling themselves away from you.

Aquarius isn’t one to want to run into a relationship, and so if he does, he’ll realize it was a mistake to rush and will want to set things right or tuck tail and run. So let him take his time.

Have patience and allow him to bond with you over time fully. It may work out much better for you that way. While he’s still at the beginning of all this; he’s still very romantic which is a huge benefit for you.

Less Social

I mentioned personal freedom that Aquarius loves. He also appreciates being very social and spending time with friends. If he sacrifices this to be with you and spend alone time; he likes you.

If he takes you with him to be around his friends; this may also be a sign he likes you as he’s allowing you to meet those closest to him. Consider yourself in his heart in some way if he truly wants you to spend time with him and his friends together.

Of course the ultimate is when he finally introduces you to his family. When that happens; he’s ready to take it up a notch and get to that next step.

These are just some of the amazing qualities of the Aquarius. If you’d like to know more, I would highly suggest to you to read Anna Kovach’s book. Reading Aquarius Man Secrets may help you to dig in and find out lots of juicy information.

Photo Cred: Tierra Benton

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