Are you interested in trying to make a Taurus swoon and get him to finally take the plunge with you? You may want to read the following information to help you with getting him moving in the right direction.

What is it about the Taurus male that pulls people in? Perhaps it's their resolve and determination; their pure grit in the face of insurmountable odds. Perhaps it's how they attack challenges with equal parts grace and ferocity, like a bull charging a Matador.

Tauruses are tricky folk, they require “technique” if you want to approach them successfully. If you're mindful of the following points, you're sure to succeed.


Taurus men take their time. They want to make sure that the person they’re giving their time and energy to will be the right one. They aren’t the type to want to get involved with someone who will not last.

These men sometimes do get involved too quickly but when they do; they tend to pull back and realize it wasn’t a good idea. This makes their partner confused and left wondering what they did.

Basically, the Taurus man figures out that he jumped too quick and now wants to analyze the relationship and make sure he wants to stay in it or if he needs to pull out and move on.

If you want to be with a Taurus man, it’s best that you don’t rush him. Trying to get him to hurry will backfire because he will see this as a form of trying to tie him down. He is not one that wants to feel corralled or fenced in.

Let him take the lead

Taurus men don’t mind being flirted with but they definitely want to be the one to call the shots. He wants to be the man! He will not enjoy being chased and will again; see this as a form of pressure.

Even if you come up with good ideas or plans, try to relay them to him in a suggestive way that he will then later feel it’s his idea. If he feels it’s his idea; he’ll go along with it much more smoothly.

The Taurus man wants to be the “man’s man” and as such, he wants to be the leader in the relationship even if it’s only in his head. As long as you don’t let on that it’s only in his head, he’ll never know the difference. Be careful and tread lightly.

Feed him well

Since the typical Taurus man is a lover of food, he will always appreciate you taking him out to nice restaurants. However; he will also appreciate you cooking for him that much more. To him, it’s a show of adoration and care for his desires and/or needs.

Cooking for the Taurus man will win you major brownie points and will be one of the main things that he’ll look at when he’s deciding if he wants to commit to you or not. If you cannot cook, you may look into learning with some cook books.

Truly making this man a wonderful meal will win his heart. It’s one of the simplicities of the Taurus man. He really does love food and the way to his heart is through his stomach as silly as it may sound.


Taurus men don’t mind taking care of you but they don’t want to have to be your father. They really love it when women have the capability to take care of themselves in life as well as financially.

If you want him to commit to you, make sure that you’re striving for your own goals and do not require assistance from him to get there. However, he is a sucker for giving advice; so do not be afraid to ask him for tips on what you’re trying to accomplish.

It will let him know you’re trying really hard and he’ll find this to be very attractive. Asking for help will let him know you’re trying to do for yourself and just need some good advice. All Taurus men think they know the answers to everything.

By having your own career and set of friends, you’ll be able to win him over easily. He really appreciates having free time rather than having a partner who is clingy and needy.

Do your own thing, allow him to do his but do ask him for advice here and there to create a nice balance. He’ll do everything he can to help you. He IS the guy that is your rock. He is also the guy that will give you the shirt off his back if you’re cold.

Intelligent Conversations

Just like the Gemini, the Taurus man enjoys having a woman who is intellectually well equipped. He likes a nice body for sure but; he enjoys stimulating conversation with the woman he is into.

If you want to seal the deal, you’ll need to talk about things that interest you. If you start to notice he isn’t into what you’re talking about, change the topic to something he likes.

Find out what his hobbies are and if you have some in common. If you do, you can talk about those. If you figure out new hobbies that interest you both, you can have conversations about this and possibly try them together. He’ll like this. He likes adventure! 

Be Adventurous!

This man loves to try new things and he loves to keep himself busy. He’s not one that does well with idle time. You may notice he has a handful of different hobbies. He doesn’t like boredom.

If you want to keep him excited about you and commit, you’ll need to be adventurous. Go with the flow more if you can. If he calls you up to go check out an awesome park for the day, say yes!

You can also try planning outings or adventures. He’ll appreciate your time and effort that you put in. He’ll find this very sexy and an attractive quality. He’s looking for his match, if you show him you are up for anything, he’ll eat it up.

Be Nice

This man is one that does not do drama. He will avoid it as much as he possibly can. He isn’t one for high maintenance women. He likes simple and down to earth women that are sweet and natural.

If you’re trying to get this guy to commit to you, you’re going to have to keep your catty side to yourself. Dish with your girlfriends and then go to him and give him all your sweetness and adoration. He’ll love it and appreciate the consideration.

The Taurus man likes women who are independent, loyal, natural, sweet, adventurous and will let him have is own personal time here and there. He doesn’t require as much as Gemini but he does require a fair amount. If you can give that to him, you may just be able to get him to commit for the long haul!

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