We’re all of us looking for ‘the one’, and finding love online through a lesbian chat site might be the best way of meeting your ideal partner.

We’re all looking for ‘the one,' and finding love online on a lesbian chat site might be the best way of meeting your ideal partner.

Wut? I know, I know; just hear me out (if you think I'm full of shit I'll let you kick me in the pants, okay?)

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in dating chat sites, where like-minded singles can meet online and get to know one another before they commit to that crucial “real life” first date. More and more people are now turning to chat sites in their quest to find “the one.” With thousands of individuals signed up to such services, there are plenty of opportunities to make connections, meet people you share common interests with and narrow down a shortlist of people you feel that all-important spark with.

Joining a lesbian chat site can be one of the quickest and most efficient ways of finding someone special, without the risk of heartache which can come with those chancy first dates in the real, offline world. Just about everyone knows the sinking feeling when you meet someone for the first time and realize you have nothing in common, aren’t attracted to one another but feel obliged to stick it out, spending more on drinks, enduring awkward silences and wishing you could be anywhere else.

Being able to chat online from the comfort and privacy of your home can take some of the pressure off you. You can respond in your own time and set the pace when it comes to getting to know someone. If it becomes immediately apparent that there’s no common ground, no chemistry, then it’s easy enough to simply start another conversation with someone new. You’ll soon get a feel for the chatroom etiquette and find your feet in the world of online dating chatrooms, but here are a few top tips to help you get the most from experience…

The Name Could be Half the Game

When it comes to choosing a username, you have two options. Some people prefer to play it safe and pick either their general location and age or birth year, while others prefer to get a little creative. Sometimes a brief descriptive word or turn of phrase can pique the interest of other people who are online, as long as you don’t choose something too outlandish, cheesy or which might be considered sleazy or offensive. Something light-hearted and playful can work well in grabbing attention, more so than a generic ‘Jane82’. Always keep in mind that you want to stay safe. Never use your full name as your username – it might sound like common sense, but people will always be tempted to seek out more information on you from elsewhere, and you should never give away where you live to the big wide world.

Show Your Best Side

One of the joys of internet chat is that you have the time and space to think about how you’re portraying yourself to the person you’re talking to. When meeting a date for the first time in the real world, you might feel the pressure to be funny, witty and engage from the off – we all know that can lead to disaster, especially if you’ve had a couple of drinks to calm those first date nerves. Online you have a little more time to consider things and think through the answers to their questions. You want to strike a balance between answering them openly and honestly and keeping back just enough to keep them intrigued. After all, if you hit it off and decide to meet up face to face, you want to have something left to talk about!

Don’t be too Snap Happy

Exchanging photos online is now not only accepted but even expected in dating chatrooms, and sending and receiving images can help you and a potential date build up a clearer picture of one another before you take the plunge and meet in real life. Not only does exchanging photos mean you’re less likely to be disappointed when you see them in person (all too common, as anyone who has tried internet dating will attest), but it builds up a sense of intimacy and trust between you. Remember, though, once you’ve put a picture out there, you can’t get it back, so never send anything you wouldn’t be happy for the entire world to see. Try to send and ask for photos which are a mix of old and new – people change over time, after all, and seeing a range of pictures rather than just the edited highlights will help both of you decide whether you’re attracted to each other.

Play it Safe

Online chat and internet dating are great fun, and you can meet some of the nicest, most interesting people out there and form some great relationships. There can be a downside, though. Now and then you’ll come across someone who isn’t quite so wonderful. Always be on your guard against those who will try to scam you, who just want either sex or money or who try to pressure you into giving away more information or more images than you feel entirely comfortable with. You’d be unlikely to take people at face value in the world of offline dating, so take the same level of caution into the world of online chatrooms. Never give away your full name, bank details or information about where you live or work, and if you do decide to meet someone for a face to face date, always let friends and family know who you’re meeting, where and when.

Above All Else, Have Fun!

When you’re genuinely enjoying yourself, that’s when your personality shines through, and you start to make real connections with people. Go into your online chat with a positive outlook, and you’ll soon start to meet people you feel that instant click of familiarity with. There may be some false starts and some near misses, and it may take you a while to find ‘the one’ through a lesbian chat site, but it may well be the safest and most enjoyable route to finding love online.

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