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Getting Lost and Teased

By the time you’ve read this, Lost’s finale will already have happened and the interwebs will be abuzz about what happened, critiquing the hell out of it.  Maybe your office co-worker, Tanya Twophister thinks the episode was amazing, while Ned...

/ May 25, 2010

Fetishes and Fantasies About Rape.

Before I get into this article, understand that this about rape fantasies. So don't flame me in the comments section for saying I'm insensitive and a gigantic ass bag. I know this already! I have to live with myself, people!!!...

/ April 29, 2010

Why Haven't I Written About Sex?

I was having a conversation with Zoe, of fame, and she noted that I was one of the few male bloggers not to really talk about sex directly on my blog.  That got me to thinking; why hadn't I...

/ April 13, 2010

How To Have a V-Day Threeway – The Guide Singles Everywhere Have Been Waiting For!

Online dating and social networking site,, just released a free Valentine's Day e-guide, “How to Score a V-Day Threeway,” and boy is it jam packed full of awesomeness. Valentine's is notorious for leaving singles out in the cold, but...

/ February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Get Her Something Sexy.

Perhaps you've noticed the banner to the right, it's no longer a custom shirt maker, nope.  The banner you should be seeing, at the time of this post, is a nice looking rack made more alluring with some sexy well-fit...

/ January 28, 2010

When Good Sex Goes Bad

We have all had them in life… the “buddy” that only stays around because the sex is good.  Every time we get out of a semi-meaningful relationship, they are the first person we call.  It helps us to forget about...

/ November 12, 2009

Sex Advice For The Over 40S

Women and men who reach their 40s crave for sex more than ever according to quite a lot of studies which have been conducted on the topic. However, in women, the pelvic floor weakens and the vagina starts losing its...

/ August 26, 2009
Mens sexual health

Men Sexual Health: How important is it really

Many experts in the field of improving male sexual health care and highlights the intense focus that is directed toward the size of a man's vessel. Most men want a bigger vessel and fuller, because a larger vessel gives great...

/ August 25, 2009