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Online Dating is challenging. the Urban Dater shares stories from real people about their dating woes and successes. We often dive into great details about what makes for a great date and what makes for a bad date. Hopefully, these online dating stories help you along your own dating journey.

A girlfriend for the cloud and social networks? A cloud girlfriend.

A Girlfriend Fit for Cloud Nine?

Oh, Mashable! How is it that anyone at all could hate you? Brenna Ehrlich over at the Mash dropped an interesting morsel for those that pay attention to the whole online dating biz. What’s it about? A new site and...

/ March 25, 2011

Geo Location Dating? Mojomapp makes it happen!

If there’s one thing you’ve learned about the Urban Dater it should be this: Taylor and I call each other “asshole” a lot and we love technology. Yep, it’s true and I have the phones to prove it! One thing...

/ February 19, 2011

Does it Matter if Your Lover Still has an Online Dating Profile?

I saw this one on the lovely Simone Grant’s blog the other day and I tapped my lip and pondered the question. Then it hit me in the face like a feeble Dustin “Screech” Diamond punching out poor Horshack on...

/ February 15, 2011

Hear Who You're Missing With Tastebuds.FM

Today I'm excited to be featuring an interview with Alex parish, of You see, Alex kinda had a brilliant idea. He wanted to create a niche dating site, but he wanted to do something that was different and meaningful....

/ January 31, 2011

The Promise of Online Dating

Well, here we are, all of us, together here on the internet. It’s cozy. Facebooking and picture sharing, business card creating, bill paying, car renting, net –flixing, job finding, stamp ordering, grocery shopping, appointment booking, recipe finding, generation SCREEN. We...

/ January 12, 2011

What Will the Next Great Dating Site Look Like?

Some time ago I had the pleasure of participating in a conversation with the charming and brilliant Ross Felix, over at the Dating Revolution and one of his colleagues. The discussion was dating and mating sites (I call them mating...

/ January 7, 2011

The Urban Dater Interviews Cupidtino. Dating for Mac Lovers.

Do you need more dating technology in your life? At the Urban Dater we're ever vigilent to bring you, our readers, the latest breaking news in dating tech. Perhaps you'll recall the time I used GPS to meet up with...

/ December 1, 2010

Why you should never (ever) ask a girl out in your first message

You're on an online dating website and you see a hot girl who has a great profile and your first thought is, “I'd date her” (or cruder).  So, you send her a message asking if she'd like to hang out...

/ November 19, 2010