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Online Dating is challenging. the Urban Dater shares stories from real people about their dating woes and successes. We often dive into great details about what makes for a great date and what makes for a bad date. Hopefully, these online dating stories help you along your own dating journey.

free dating services

Free Dating Services, 100% Free online Dating, Safety Dating Tips is the fastest growing online dating and relationship site on the web. It offers safe and secure online dating services for the thousands of singles to advertise themselves with so many features like chat, forums, dating photo profiles, internal...

/ August 8, 2011
online dating for strangers

How Online Dating Plays Cupid Between Strangers

There used to be plenty of stigma attached to online dating, but current numbers don't lie: More people are now beginning to accept (and use!) online dating sites as a legitimate matchmaking tool. The Internet has made inroads into practically...

/ July 24, 2011
cat lover eharmony video profile

The Cat Lovers Guide to Making eHarmony Video Bio

Honestly, the girl's voice makes me want to slug her in the neck… Anyway, this video reminds me of a time when I told my friend's step mom that I like to eat puppy dogs. The step mom began to...

/ June 12, 2011
social media dating

Do Social Media and Online Dating Really Mix?

We've all been there: A long-term relationship sadly comes to an end. “The Talk” is followed by the separating of things, drunken get-your-mind-off-it escapades with friends, and—gulp—the inevitable Facebook status switch-a-roo back to “single.” It's in that moment that you...

/ June 8, 2011
Matt Simpson's Ad Campaign to find love

Screw Online Dating! Target Your Potential Mate with Internet Ads

I will never “see it all,” I’ve decided. A man, living in AZ, creates a Facebook ad targeting single women. First off, how effing simple and brilliant is this? Um, pretty effing brilliant. Matt Simpson used Facebook to create an...

/ April 21, 2011
Hmm Chicken Curry Sandiwch and Online Dating

Online Dating, Restaurant Menus and… Chicken Curry?

Standing in line to order at Urth Caffé in Santa Monica, CA, I'm trying to decide what I would like for lunch. The menu options sound really good and the size of the crowd indicates it's a popular place. I...

/ April 21, 2011
The assumption that online dating is safe

The Perception of Safety in Online Dating

This “me too” post is brought to you by an aching stomach and the television show ‘Monster Bug Wars.’ Online dating safety and you; unless you’ve been living in a cave, or hiking the Appalachian Trail with only a burned...

/ April 20, 2011

Cloud Girlfriend Interview

“the best way to get a girlfriend is to already have one” There's a lot of wisdom and truth concerning the tagline above and I can tell you that I know this to be true, first hand. It seems women...

/ March 30, 2011