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Met another frog wants to know about your first time

Blogger of the Month for April Skye Blue

So Taylor and I kicked up the idea of doing a blogger of the month in March. I don't think we necessarily gave our title of blogger of the month too much of a description and inform you guys what...

/ April 7, 2011
Are you an odd couple? Prove it in pics

Couples! Get Your Photos On Our Site!

Immortalized? I'm not sure that is entirely accurate, the whole immortality bit. Stay with me, though! We revamped our site recently. Since the revamp Taylor and I thought it would be cool to update our banner on the site.What we...

/ March 23, 2011
The Urban Dater Online Dating News

Urban Dater News and Notes

Some of you that may have been to the site in the last day or two probably noticed that the site was wonkier than usual… No, Alex wasn't on the methadone again. Nope, long story short, we migrated the Urban...

/ March 19, 2011

The Urban Dater's First Podcast… Awww.

Hear ye, hear ye muthafuckaaaaas! Here is our first podcast everyone! It's been a long time coming and, really, the first time we've been sober enough to sit down and complete something…even though we didn't stay sober. So please, please...

/ February 14, 2011