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How to Really Approach Online Dating Etiquette

Let’s be honest: Part of the beauty of online dating is that it’s a way to meet people without having to shell out for drinks or wear heels, at least for a while. But that doesn’t mean you can get...

/ October 12, 2012

Setting Up A Great Proposal

Every relationship has certain memorable and important moments that mark different steps you take with your partner. For some, the first of these moments might be the first date, or the one month anniversary, or even the first kiss. After that, there...

/ June 30, 2012

9 Things to Know if You’re Going to a Baseball Game

Baseball’s whopping 162 game regular-season schedule makes it the longest regular season of any professional sport. The bulk of the season falls during the summer where being outside at a ballpark is (almost) always a great time. For a girl...

/ June 29, 2012
strangers have the best candy

Danger With a… Stranger?

This piece was featured, orginally, by the good folks over at Met Another Frog. Their site is fantastic and those guys seriously kicketh much ass! Go check them out! It’s been said that strangers have the best candy… There’s some...

/ August 16, 2011
cougar mania

Cougar Mania. What's it Good For?

Our friends, Nic and Neely over at the Dating Market Place are having an amazing discussion about the so-called Cougarmania that has gripped the dating and mating world. It sort of reminds me of this time when I dated a...

/ August 14, 2011
free dating services

Free Dating Services, 100% Free online Dating, Safety Dating Tips is the fastest growing online dating and relationship site on the web. It offers safe and secure online dating services for the thousands of singles to advertise themselves with so many features like chat, forums, dating photo profiles, internal...

/ August 8, 2011
10 sex tips for women

Sex Advice For Women – 10 Hot Easy Tips to Achieve Perfect Sexual Health!

Are you looking for proven effective sex advice for women? Wondering what are the best ways to keep up your sexual health? There are many magazines or books for women out there that help and tell you how to be...

/ July 26, 2011
online dating for strangers

How Online Dating Plays Cupid Between Strangers

There used to be plenty of stigma attached to online dating, but current numbers don't lie: More people are now beginning to accept (and use!) online dating sites as a legitimate matchmaking tool. The Internet has made inroads into practically...

/ July 24, 2011