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About Dr. Mike Tremba Dr Mike is a writer, publisher, and of course, past (pre-marriage) dater. He can usually be found on the great beaches of Southern Alabama, or somewhere outside getting exercise. Through the failures he's had (as well as the successes), he loves sharing his tips on making life more enjoyable.

Five Ways To Make A Good, Lasting First Impression

The only thing worse than making a bad first impression is making a bad first impression because you’re trying not to make a bad first impression. Maybe it sounds like a joke your uncle told, but it’s not; it’s a...

/ April 15, 2013

The How—And Where!—Of Finding Your Soulmate

Meeting people isn't difficult. Meeting people you actually want to spend time with? That is. And when it comes to meeting people you’re interested in becoming romantically involved with? Forget about it. You may as well attempt a one-legged back flip into a pool...

/ April 11, 2013
What women want

What Women Want—And How To Get It

Women aren't as picky as many people think; it's just that sometimes, guys just don’t understand how to appeal to them. I know, guys, it might hurt to hear it. But if you’re striking out with the fairer sex, it’s might have...

/ April 2, 2013

5 Fun Date Ideas-Which Will You Try First?

The more promising a date, the harder it is to keep your cool during the planning process. From shoes, to hair, to what you’ll order at dinner… there’s a lot to stress yourself out about. I’ve been on a lot...

/ February 8, 2013