The 8 Minute Dating Experiment Part 2: The Dates

As I'd mentioned in my last post I had gone to a speed dating event.  Let me tell you, it was interesting.  It was pretty much what I expected and it tested my ability to strike up conversations with strangers and keep things moving with women that, well, were challenging.  All in all it was a pretty positive experience and I'd do it again, I think.  That said, how did my night go?  Oh and the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.So I went to this thing with a friend of mine, I was too shy to roll up to the place all by myself.  The event was hosted by 8 Minute Dating and the event was held at a local club in Orange County.  It had been some years since I've been to that club.  It's  a nice place and a good place to have the venue since they have a large area separate from the rest of the club to hold the actual speed dating event.  All in all the environment is was good.

My friend and I bought some drinks to start things off right, before the dating began.  We were looking around and noted that most of the speed daters came with a friend, or friends, too.  That made it easier for us to check out who we may be meeting later.  There was a good mix of women.  Various ages, shapes and what not so I knew it was going to be a good time…  I was a bit nervous though.  Yet I did not “down” my beverage… I didn't want to be buzzed going through these dates, you see.

Date 1  Trina – This was easily one of the funner ‘dates' I did that night.  Before the bell sounded we were already exchanging witty banter.  We actually talked about a variety of things, mostly common stuff, though, but that was okay.  She had a great personality and a great sense of humor, yet I got the friend vibe feeling from her… But that's okay, it was cool by me.  Awesome woman.

Date 2 – Juna – This date was a little more difficult as there was a slight language barrier, Juna is from the Phillipines.  She told me her story of how she came to the States and what she does for work.  Honestly, I was really impressed with her story, she is obviously a very determined woman and I can appreciate that.  All she could think to ask me was my age and what I did for a living. Nice gal, but no connection there.

Date 3 – Veronica – My third date was with Veronica.  Nice girl, she offered that she was from Canada, to which I replied, “Why would you ever move from Canadia?”  She chuckled.  She was obviously very nervous about the whole thing.  So I kept joking with her and things seemed to move on well enough.  However, I didn't feel a connection and I wasn't really attracted.  Friends for sure.

Date 4 – Kathy – This is going to sound mean, but the first thing I wondered was “I think she's too old for this dating pool.”  Kathy is from New York and has a hint of that accent, which sends shivers down my spine, just like when I hear Fran Drescher speak… Ugh.  We really had little to talk about.  I think there was a feeling of mutual disdain.  Wow.  I just wrote that. =)

Date 5 – Jackie – Jackie and Kathy are roommates. The good news is that Jackie's personality is a lot more friendly than her roomie's.  The bad news is that she hates cats and told me as much when I said, “I'm a fan of shiny things, puppies and kitty cats.”  Literally, it seemed that she lost interest right there on the spot.  I was pretty amazed actually.  Yet, we still talked about a number of things and I was having a good time with her, but it was apparent she was not having anything that I was offering, kids.

Date 6 – Jena – I was very attracted to this date.  She was very friendly, she got my sense of humor, too.  She also shared a fascination of middle eastern foods and trying different restaurants, which was great.  We spent time talking about her job as a veterinarian and our favorite dining spots.  Very cool.  Even though I was quite interested, I was getting the friend vibe from her.

Date 7 – Andrea – Andrea and Jena are friends.  Jena told me that Andrea likes web design, which is something that I do for a business as well.  SO we talked business the whole time.  Nothing wrong with that, however.  We were both very passionate about the topic and she knew her stuff.  Anyway, definitely a good business contact and someone that I'd hang out and have drinks with some time.

Date 8 – Jennifer – My friend and I agreed that this girl might have been high for this thing… And, maybe she was, or maybe she was super mellow with the trademark stoner giggle.  I don't know what the heck happened here.  However, I was still able to talk to her and had a good conversation with her.  She seemed really nice.  Also from NY, sans awful accent.  She's been in So Cal for only a few months, so it's all new to her.  So I can respect that, completely.  I felt there was mutual interest shared here…. We'll see.

Date 9 – Alley – Boy.  This date.  This date kinda sucked.  This girl was difficult to talk to.  It seemed like she was going through the paces and was over all disinterested in the process and in me.  Conversation was painful.  I little to contribute and it was pretty apparent.  Ugh!  Get me out of here.  This one seemed to go an hour.

Date 10 – Anna – This date was fun.  It seemed to go by too quickly, which I think is a good sign.  I started off with, “So, have you been to prison?”  She shot back, “Which one?”  I knew I was in for a good time.  We talked a bit about the experience and then I asked her where she's from and all that.  Really, this date seemed like three minutes… It seemed so short.  I felt chemistry here.

Date 11 – Amber – This date was kind of a “blah” for both of us, I think.  I think we were both ready for this thing to be over. We were cordial and kept up the convo, but neither of us was excited to really press to get to know each other.  She's a Speech Pathologist, works with kids and probably didn't like the fact that my friend said to me, at one point, “What, do you have a problem with stuttering?  M-m-m-m-move it!”

Date 12 – Monique – This date was similar as the one with Amber.  We were both friendly, cordial and just “done” with everything.  We were both not trying to impress.  Actually we talked about our worst experiences of the night, so that led to some laughs.  Cool beans, but nothing doing here, kids.

All in all, I'd say it was a fun night and I had a good time and met some cool people.  The 8 Minute Dating moniker is a bit of a misnomer, however.  On the website they describe the event as eight dates of eight minutes each.  You do four dates, then a twenty minute break, and then do the next four dates.  The night I went that was not the case, As you read, I had twelve dates and they were around five to seven minutes each.  I guess it's popular enough and they get to feed more people through the process, so I get that.  However, there were some women I did not get to meet, which was too bad, because there were a few I wanted to talk to during the vent.

Throughout the night you are expected to take a card to each date with you and take down the names and numbers of each person you date.  Then, after your date you mark a box with one or two of the following choices: 2nd date, friendship or business.  When you are done, you log in to the website and enter your dates and your match.  If you and one of your dates match, your contact info is shared with one another, thus opening up the chance to meet up again.

I'll post another article about who I matched up with next week. So check back!

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