How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

How to spice up your sex life, you ask? Sex is much more then two people “hooking up” it’s about intimacy and romance. Sometimes in our busy world of impersonal encounters, meetings, bills and the daily stresses of life we tend to lose sight of how necessary intimacy is. So how can you spice up your bland sex life?

As hard as you think it’ll be you have to leave the outside world, outside your bedroom. There shall be no talk about drama at work, overdue bills, or how your favorite team lost the playoffs. Your focus should be completely on your partner and the moment. Spontaneity! Remember that word, it will come in handy. Don’t be afraid to act on a whelm. Don’t think about the after, think only of the now.

Next, think about you’re mate during the day not just when you are in the bedroom. If you are out running errands and you see a lovely floral bouquet, buy it, there doesn’t have to be a reason to do something romantic for the one you love. Now many may think what does that have to do with a great sex life? The answer is sex starts way before actual intercourse takes place, levels of intimacy is heighten when you start to make love to ones mind first.

Lose yourself movement, in the scents, and the sounds of your lover. Don’t be afraid to take some risk there is nothing wrong with bringing a little entertainment.

Yes I said it! Entertainment! Toys, movies, lotions really get things going. Try something different. A different position, place, or thing, you will be surprise of the extra pleasure this little things can bring to you and your partner. There is nothing that can kill a sexual experience more than fear and over thinking.

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