Holiday Dating Recipe: 5 Holiday Date Ideas That Don't Suck.

Oh the holidays.  It’s a time for friends and family, sharing and caring puppy dogs and all sorts of other things that make a Hallmark moment into a greeting card… It’s also a time to get cozy, if a bit frisky, with the person you’ve been dating.  What can you do, other than, raising the temperature at home, doing things your folks would be embarrassed to know about?  I’m glad you asked.  I’ve got a few ideas that aren’t terrible.

  1. Volunteer – Some people think it’s hard to find a place to volunteer somewhere during the holidays. Not true. There are many organizations, maybe even your employer, that are happy to enroll the willing masses into some free labor.  You’ll have fun and feel good about yourselves when you and your significant other are helping a cause you’re both passionate about.  Check with your local churches, shelters, YMCAs and your employer.  Chances are you’ll find someone that needs your help.
  2. Go for a run – This seems odd, but around the holidays there seems to be a lot of organizations that put together holiday races or charity events involving rigorous activity not confined to the bedroom.  This year I’ll be participating in a 10k with the gal I’m seeing.  In fact, it’s this week!  I should probably train for it at some point.  When you get the blood flowing and get a bit sweaty, it can be a bit of a turn on and you’ll feel good about yourself.
  3. What’s with all the damn lights??? – The defacto standard of the holiday season. Thou shalt see light!  Christmas lights are all over the place.  Some people get really passionate/obsessive about their lights. How can you do your part to encourage this depraved behavior?  Take your date to go see all the pretty lights as you ooh and ahhh and marvel at how much these people pay in electricty and also all the light pollution that they emit.  These people are in every city and they live within close proximity to one another.  It is truly one of nature’s great oddities.
  4. Pick out a tree – I know, I know.  This doesn’t seem all that original and it’s not, I’m certain.  Taking your date out to get a tree is always great fun.  It’s also an opportunity to make your date self conscious by taking a dig at their tree selections.  Sure, that sounds mean, but if you’re a guy, you’re going to have to fasten the tree to the car and do the brunt of the work, therefore, the other person in the equation has earned a few verbal barbs.
  5. Fire, movies, booze n’ food n’ some lovin’ – Crass?  Oh sure.  I’ve always been crass, but I can be a romantic, too!  I recommend lighting a fire (in the fire place, people), getting a few holiday related movies like: ‘Hustler’s XXX-mas in Memphis’ or ‘Seymour Butts – a XXXmas Story.’  Get some wine, boxed if you must, and then get a few bags of “Tos,” as in: Doritos, Fritos and Cheetos and you’re set!

If these ideas don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy this holiday, then the terrorists have won and little Timmy will not be a happy camper this year.

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