Yes, Yes! You Should Be “That Girl”

Relationship Advice: When to Be That Girl

One of the bizarre things about being in a relationship: Friends come to you for relationship advice, even when you may not be entirely qualified to give it. I ended up in a relationship when I did pretty much everything “wrong,” or so I thought at the time. My entire dating experience improved exponentially when I stopped giving a single fuck about being … [Read more...]

How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back – A Short Guide


Generally, it’s not a wise idea to get back with an ex. Most people will tell you to just move on and find someone else. But sometimes, you have to make an exception and try to give it a second chance. Sometimes, you know the relationship with your ex was special and even though it ended, it will be worth giving another try. However, after a breakup, your … [Read more...]

On The Rebound: Signs You’re On A Rebound Relationship


Most people have more than one relationship before finding the right person for them. Oftentimes, the gap between these relationships varies from just a few days to several years for some. The length of time from one relationship to another often depends on whether the person has already moved on and gotten over the previous relationship. Although it is … [Read more...]

Online Dating – Is Romance Dead

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Online Dating – Is Romance Dead? Remember the days when you’d look up to find a handsome stranger making eye contact with you across the room? Perhaps followed by a smile? The importance of body language was paramount when casually searching for potential partners. Nowadays the internet and online dating has changed all the rules. More and more people are … [Read more...]

It’s Complicated….Really?

relationship complicated

Ever met a great person you were mutually attracted to but one of you was already in a committed relationship? Crossed paths with a stranger you were naturally drawn to only to find out they are in a complicated situation.  It’s the worst to have that ‘loving feeling’ and not be able to act upon it. That’s why they say timing is everything. I don’t … [Read more...]