A Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

Valentines Day Survival Guide

Oooh!  You're in trouble!!! Did you enter Valentine's Day with out a plan?  Are you up the proverbial creek without a paddle?  Well, we've got a few articles and some offers that might just help you out!.  So please, dear reader, read on and save your skin. That said, here we go! How to have a V-day three way - A singles guide to getting … [Read more...]

Single Edition Spotlight

While Alex has been called many things in his life, "charming" isn't usually one of those things. It turns out that he was just charming enough to get the Lovely Sherri Langbert, the dyanmic diva behind SingleEdition.com to feature him in one her "Solo Spotlights." Turns out Alex is in good company with other featured males, Nando, of Nandoism.com and the … [Read more...]

The Urban Dater Featured on How Very Lucky!

At the Urban Dater, we've had the great fortune of meeting a number of our fellow blogger contemporaries and readers in real life (IRL)... Actually, should I be explaining the full text summary of a phrase with an acronym? Oh technology, you amazing f#cker. Anyway, we're honored to be featured over on Lucky Girl's blog, How Very Lucky, in her Cut and Paste … [Read more...]

We Gave a Face Lift to Our Site… Again!

It’s not like this happens all the time, but we’ve gone through three re-designs on the Urban Dater since we opened it up in 2008. I’m not gonna lie, this post will bore the pants off of you, if you aren’t sweet on techie talk. Nevertheless, I’ll press on and share where we’re at and where we came from. 2008 -The Not So Distant Past of the Urban Dater, in … [Read more...]

Another Guest Post! Check Me Out!!

The good folks at Metanotherfrog.com must love punishment because they have posted another guest post from everyone's favorite arse-hole: Alex (Yannibmbr)! This post is about a particularly bad date that I went on once, many, many moons ago. The memory is seared and etched in my memory... Owwww. So go on over and read the article and leave a comment, just … [Read more...]