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Confessions of a “Church Girl”

“So you’re a church girl,” he said. I laughed to myself. Here we go. “No, I’m Christian who happens to be a woman,” I said. I’m a preacher’s daughter and grew up in church all of my life. Now I’m fully aware of the stereotype and misconceptions that come with being the “church girl.” Let […]

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Tips for Making Long Distance College Relationships Work

Making a long distance college relationship work can be challenging. In case you and your loved one are going to different places to study, you will have to make a choice. A lot of couples think that they won’t be able to handle the stress of such experience and they prefer to end things in […]

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How to Make a Woman Chase You – 4 Simple steps

It may be traditional for the man to make the first move, but getting a girl to chase remains an essential step in any courtship. Women love the thrill of the chase just as much as men. This is especially true with the most beautiful women, who have an array of dating options handed to […]


Vote for the Urban Dater for a Kick Ass Blog Award Thingy!

We’re not quite sure how it happened, but your kids at the Urban Dater are up for an award. Not just some random award but a Bad Ass Blog award, from the Bloggessess over at the Indie Chicks. We love them and what they do; so you can imagine just how shocked we were to […]


Breezing your way through a first date

Once upon a time I went on dates. I’ve always struggled with word date. It sounds so formal, and formality and I don’t mix. Let’s just go with – once upon a time I went for dinner with men who made me laugh, were vaguely attractive and were willing to pick up the bill. One […]

Be the coolest person at the club

How to be the Coolest Guy at the Nightclub

The nightclub is a strange place when it comes to social value. Once you step inside, traditional rules of social status are stuffed in the most superficial cocktail shaker, spun around and spilled completely upside down. Sexy people now top the social pyramid. Stick-thin models are placed on a pedestal above entrepreneurs, paramedics and computer […]

Are your beliefs causing a rift?

Why Your Beliefs Could Be Ruining Your Dating Life

According to Google, the definition of  the word belief is “An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists” Beliefs are great things to have and we all have them in our lives. Whether they are religious, philosophical or even beliefs that add to our self-concept, beliefs are a crucial mechanism in our […]

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