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Fashion Advice for Men to Get Laid in The Sultry Summers

There are so many good things about the breezy, sultry summer. From pool or beach parties to drinking cold pilsner on hot afternoons, there is no dearth of activities during the warmer months. This also means a lot of hot girls flashing their heart-wrenching bronzed leg. In short, it’s a perfect time to get laid […]

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Who Needs a Knight in Shining Armor?

Knights in shining armor are great, right? What happens when you don’t need to be saved anymore? What happens when you’re no longer a damsel in distress and there is nothing left to fix? What happens to the happily ever after? This is a story about a damsel, myself, who met someone at her most […]

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5 Important Lessons I Learned From My Worst Date Ever

Rushing from the cab into the inner city bar we’d arranged to meet at, I quietly cursed myself for not having planned ahead more and arrived on time. My tights had snagged, my door keys snuggled out of sight between the sofa cushions and a spring rain downpour had made a warm afternoon into a […]

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Confessions of a “Church Girl”

“So you’re a church girl,” he said. I laughed to myself. Here we go. “No, I’m Christian who happens to be a woman,” I said. I’m a preacher’s daughter and grew up in church all of my life. Now I’m fully aware of the stereotype and misconceptions that come with being the “church girl.” Let […]


Tips for Introducing Children When Dating as a Single Parent

If you are a single parent, and have taken the plunge into the dating world again, there will come a time when you need to introduce your new partner to your children. This is a potentially tricky situation for a number of reasons. However, if you have jumped into single parent dating and have met […]


Tips for Making Long Distance College Relationships Work

Making a long distance college relationship work can be challenging. In case you and your loved one are going to different places to study, you will have to make a choice. A lot of couples think that they won’t be able to handle the stress of such experience and they prefer to end things in […]

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